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--Winston Churchill
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The Christmas season has begun

Matt and I awoke this morning to snow on our lawn. It was quite pretty and was actually about an inch deep! Quite amazing for Alabama! We proceeded to have a walk outside and quick snowball fight before it all melted at noon. Kiowa must have thought he died and went to heaven. He kept catching the snowballs in his mouth! We never did claim that he was a smart dog! :)

The snow put me into a Christmas mood so we decided to go out and get our Christmas tree. This was a somewhat momentous occasion since it is our first Christmas tree that we have had together. Every other year we have gone to Michigan for the holidays so we haven't had to have a tree of our own. This year my family is coming to visit us! I can hardly wait!

As we purchased our beautiful tree, Matt mentioned that this is the first time in his life that he has had a real live Christmas tree! This is unbelievable to me, particularly given that my family owns Christmas trees and we used to sell them from our front yard. Matt claims that his brother has an "allergy" to Christmas trees and that is why they always had to have a fake tree. I am skeptical as I have never seen him have a sneezing fit when he is outside in the woods! Hmmm.....

Anyways, our tree looks lovely and smells even more wonderful. It actually is starting to feel like Christmas! I have even started on our Christmas cards and who knows, maybe I will get motivated and start doing my shopping!!


alyssa said...

I love seeing the snow picture! What great motivation to get a Christmas tree! How exciting that your family is headed your way...although I'm bummed we wont be able to see each other around GR!

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