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I have been laughing out loud as I read the Huntsville, AL recent farm and garden postings. I was looking to see if people had posted any animals that I might be interested in purchasing (to live on the farm that I have not yet found, but regardless, I enjoy daydreaming about owning goats/horses/cattle.....) Here are two of my favorite ones and I do swear these are real posts!

2 Goats For Sale

2 billy goats for sale* not sure what breed of goat they are( the tri colored one looks like it might be a mix of boer and pygmy*). They are both pretty tame. would make great pets, throw nice looking babies, clean up your land, or be the perfect size to BBQ.

I think that I need to buy these goats just to save them from being turned into BBQ!!!! Matt isn't buying it but I think I could get them house trained until we move to this farm that I am going to find/buy!

1 Pygmy Goat For Sale
One white pygmy billy goat for sale, nice size and already interested in the female goats. Asking $50.00

Does he look gay? Apparently there isn't much of a market for gay pygmy goats so it is important to make sure that your male goat is heterosexual before purchasing! Seriously??


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