"Change is only good if it is in the RIGHT direction."
--Winston Churchill
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Democratic Dogs

As conservative people, we are at a loss for what to do with our liberal dogs. Kiowa has been living with us for over 6 years when Sarah found him living on the streets in Kalamazoo and adopted him. Since then he has been running up the house debt. He particularly tipped the scales when his girlfriend, Cassie, moved in with us. If our home was a socialized nation, he would be a free rider. He contributes very little: protection of the home from the mailman and any other welcome guests is all that keeps him from napping away the day on the couch. Regardless that he contributes little, he also requires a great deal: vaccines, flea and heart worm prevention, bones, food, rawhide and nightly walking the neighborhood so he can pee on all the appropriate landmarks.

So what do conservative parents do with liberal children?


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