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Kentucky Derby Tickets

Has anyone seen Bruce?

Bruce, if that is even his name, allegedly lives in Pensacola, FL.

Bruce, aka: brucejudofathersebring@gmx.com, allegedly has 6 Kentucky Derby tickets in hand that he allegedly was going to sell to us this morning in the lobby of LaQuinta.


7 trips to the Continental Breakfast later, we are thinking that this is like Matt's first date in 7th grade and she is not going to show.

So we made a weekend of our 5 hour drive to Pensacola and tried to justify this by saying we needed a vacation to the beach (regardless that the Atlantic Ocean is 20 min from our home!) We were however one of the few people wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts instead of swimsuits at the beach but let us assure you if was a windy & cold 75 degrees.

We did have a great time remembering Matt's days here at Officer Candidate School when 7 yrs ago he was just entering the US Navy & how Sarah rode 24hrs in a Greyhound bus to see him for a weekend.

Life is always an adventure with the Thelen's. Thank goodness we can laugh at ourselves.

So if anyone has Kentucky Derby tickets let us know!


Mavis said...

Nice to see your blog, Sarah. I hope you can keep it up. I like hearing about your life. :)

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