"Change is only good if it is in the RIGHT direction."
--Winston Churchill
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Move over Al Gore!

Greenpeace's newest activist in none other than our cat. While others debate the merits of global warming, climate change, or whatever it is called this week; Mocha is taking charge and has started lowering her own carbon paw-print.

Her first environmental saving trick is to recycle her food. It's really quite magical. She is able to take a bowl full of cat food and turn it into dog treats! Mocha requires scrapping the side of the litter box at least 20 times prior to dropping even an ounce of pee. Scrapping of the litter box must be akin to the dinner bell for the dogs. There has even been a request to install a deli-style number dispenser outside the litter box. Let's just say they must taste best warm!

Her second amazing act is to take Uhaul's recycling push of their cardboard boxes very seriously. Anyone who has had the misfortune of needing 45 or so of their corrugated moving boxes knows that they have spaces for up to 5 uses for indicating their contents. Mocha laughs in the face of only 5 uses as she naps nearly all day on the top of her favorite box. Sarah thinks it is just a convenient excuse for me not to unpack, but Mocha finds her chi after 4 hours of napping followed by a stretch and 4 more hours of sleep. Clearly, there is a potential market for cat beds that Uhaul is missing.

Her last trick to save the polar bears can't be readily verified; however, I am quite certain she is trying to work out a deal with the neighborhood birds to purchase carbon offsets. Why else would she so intently watch the bird feeder? These attempts to reduce the guilt of the greenhouse emissions are clearly an effort to neutralize her flatulence. Undoubtedly she became fearful after an ABC special concerning cow farts and the question of their exemption for the recent cap and trade legislation. She is no coal-fired power plant, but her output can be measured in metric tons of carbon dioxide! The sceptics think that a cat can't pass gas, but I am hear to tell you her emissions are always highest after I eat Mexican food.

Perhaps these are coincidental shifts in Mocha's life, she has never been very outspoken in her beliefs. She has always been one to let her poop do the talking.


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