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Snake on a Step

Okay, so we have seen our first Eastern Timber Rattlesnake in Alabama. It took less than three weeks!

Supposedly Georgia has 6 times of poisonous snakes; I never saw one in the year I lived there.

Supposedly Florida has 5 times of poisonous snakes; I never saw one in the 4 years I lived there.

But Alabama, who knows how many types of poisonous snakes there are, but we have seen our first.

The only other real problem is that everyone who has lived here for a while can easily and calmly recount their numerous run ins with copperheads, king snakes, or a timber rattler. The calmness and lack of fear in their voices as if transmitted in a "oh by the way" style is bothersome to say the least.

I guess for now we'll just get the snake bite kit out of the hiking bag and buy the reptile manual so we can easily recite our favorite venomous snakes statistics when we chat with the neighbors.


The DeVries' said...

Ahhh!!! Glad it's not me! Be careful Sarah! Is is worse than Tennessee Jed?

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