"Change is only good if it is in the RIGHT direction."
--Winston Churchill
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At the age of 29yrs old my cumulative 24 years of education have finally come to a close. I have to admit that there were several points along the way when I honestly wondered if I would ever reach this point--it seemed so far away. But here it is and now I find myself sad that it is actually over. It is all that I have ever known. I have always been in training. Despite being nearly 30 yrs old, I have never held a job where I functioned entirely independently. It is weird to think that from now on I can and will make my own decisions and not have to have them approved by someone else. It is also very scary...... I image that this is how everyone feels to some degree when they are embarking upon their first job. I think that it is just magnified for me as I feel the gravity of caring for people's lives.

My mother in law gave me a wonderful graduation gift. It is an artist's painting of my life up until this point. I was able to tell them 20 something events in my life that I wanted featured as well as cars I had driven, streets I had lived on, schools I had attended, etc. It is a great present and I really enjoy to look at it and see where God has taken me over these past years. So many things that I never thought would happen to me, have happened and have been some of my life's greatest blessings. I NEVER wanted to go to a private Christian college, but Calvin College was an amazing fit for me. It was where I truly became a Christian woman, made wonderful friends, and met my husband, Matthew. I NEVER intended upon going to medical school in inner city Detroit, but my training and the way that living there shaped my worldview are priceless. I NEVER intended upon becoming a Family Physician. I was going to do something much more high profile, like Infectious Disease or Maternal Fetal Medicine but honestly there could be no better fit for me. I love delivering babies and caring for grandparents. I love the continuity of care in the office and also performing surgery. I also NEVER wanted to live in the South. I am a Northern girl who loves the outdoors and doesn't particularly enjoy the ocean. I like snow and adore the leaves changing colors in the fall. Now I find myself moving to Tennessee after living in Florida for 3 years and Alabama for 1 year. I really think that God has been laughing at me and all my NEVER's! 

The Bible verse at the bottom of the painting is Psalm 121:1-2. One of my favorites and my comfort in all of life's challenges.

" I lift my eyes up to the hills,
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth. "

As this chapter in life is closing, it is my prayer that God will guide me through this new beginning.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sarah. I know God will NEVER stop caring for you as you continue your life's journey!

love, Aunt Mavis

The DeVries' said...

Good luck and God bless in your new journey. What an amazing accomplishment, Sarah! I am so proud of you, and know that you will make an incredibly loving and competent doctor!! Looking forward to seeing you next time we go to Nashville!! :) Buy some animals now!

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