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Pissed off at Yoga Class

So, you know you have a problem when instead of concentrating on your breathing or repeating a soothing phrase in your mind such as "God is good" you find yourself thinking awful thoughts about your instructor. I am not sure what this says about me as a person (well, I am pretty sure it isn't a good thing, but regardless I have to vent.) but I have a serious problem with an overweight instructor walking around the room shouting out "sun salutation A", " down dog" "triangle" and then moving your arm slightly to the left when your shoulders aren't perfectly stacked up all the while she isn't doing a single posture herself! I do yoga so that I can relax and claim that I have exercised without actually breaking a sweat....today, I left class sweaty and angry! Maybe I will wake up for the 5:30am gentle yoga class after all.


J said...

they have yoga in Alabama? im pretty sure u guys are on some kind of reality TV show. I suggest looking for cameras next time. Or, you could eat alot of Taco Bell like 90 min before, call their "yoga class" bluff, go in there, and pass flatus like its nobody's bussiness.
Just sayin

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