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The Thelen's Love Dare

I am not sure how many of you have watched the great movie, Fireproof, but if you haven't you really should. It is an awesome movie about marriage. Matt and I both bought the daily devotional called "Love Dare" which goes along with the movie and challenges you to be a better spouse. The ironic thing is that we didn't realize that the other person had also bought the book until today when I mentioned how bummed I was that Matt didn't realize the very nice gesture that I had made to him. Now I am only on Day 2 of the journal but the challenge for the day was to not say anything negative about your spouse (for those of you who know Matt you will know much easier of a time I will have at this than he will have about me) and then also to perform an unexpected act of kindness.
Now I hate ironing. In fact I despise it. My main happiness in the last few weeks of working insane hours has been that I get to wear scrubs every day. Matt however is interviewing for jobs, etc and has to dress accordingly. He had some pants that needed to be ironed and I figured that would be an excellent way to show much I love him. So, with the best of intentions in my heart, I spent quite a while ironing a pair of his pants. I was a little confused on what exactly to do about the creases in the front and since I am not a huge fan of creases in pants I simply ironed them out. Perhaps that is where my act of kindness went a little astray!
This evening at dinner I sadly announced that I was concerned that he hadn't noticed the nice thing that I had done for him (I think getting credit for the good deed isn't the point of the book, but I was quite proud of myself!) and Matt started laughing and said that when he saw his pants he brought them to get dry cleaned because of how badly I had ironed them. Hmmmm......I guess it is true that no good deed goes unpunished! The nice thing is that together we had a good laugh about the whole ordeal.


alyssa said...

I love it this post! It is so graet you are doing the love dare - I have thought about buying that too! And it gave me a much needed laugh to think about you ironing matt's pants!

Amy said...

Hilarious! I can relate--I've often said I should take an ironing class. Joel and I are just going to start doing the Love Dare too. Hope your journey through the book is blessed!

The DeVries' said...

So funny Sarah!! :) You crack me up...I can totally picture it! I would've wanted credit too! I actually don't mind ironing, so if you (and Rudy and Joel) wanted to move to STL, maybe I can do all of it for you! :)

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