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Disney Marathon

I am very proud of Matt. He ran the Disney Marathon last weekend in 4hrs 50min. The temperatures were freezing for Florida and at the water stations the ground was covered in ice but Matt persevered! I, however, went back to the warmth of bed after I dropped him off at 4am! He refrained from taking his picutre with all the Disney characters that were cheering for the runners along the path but I managed to capture a few picutres along the route! Unfortunately I missed him at the 1/2 way point by a few minutes but caught up with him later.

I have found another Marathon for him to run. I even volunteered to run the 5K if he agreed to do it---The Great Wall Marathon in May which is along the Great Wall of China and full of steep/rugged terrain. The other option is the Big Five Marathon in South Africa in June where you run through a big game reserve past the lions and rhinos. The website actually describes how if you see a rhino on the trail you need to run past quietly (and quickly!). Not quite sure about that one!

Matt and his biggest fan!


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