"Change is only good if it is in the RIGHT direction."
--Winston Churchill
This is the blog of an ordinary married couple who seem to have difficulty in being ordinary. Please join us as we laugh at ourselves and contemplate this world that we live in.

Time with Family

I had a great weekend back home in Michigan visiting family and trying to relax. Sitting in my parents hot tub provided the much needed relaxation. I am finding that I am missing it quite a bit tonight. I really think that I may need to purchase a hot tub when I grow up someday--they are amazing!!

I had a great time ice fishing on a nearby lake with Jake and Dad. I love being a girl because I just walked out there while they were pulling the sled shanty and setting up! I did get a little concerned when I found myself sitting in front of a propane heater on 4 inch thick ice with my Dad and brother on each side of me but it all went well. Here are some pics of our day!

Jake was quiet jealous of my fish!


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