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Adult Bullies

Today I learned an important lesson: just because you have a professional career that doesn't mean that you will act like a professional and treat your collegues in a professional manner.

Maybe I have been living in the South too long because I really thought that people, especially doctors, should treat each other with respect.

Today I had a devastatingly frustrating conversation with two OB/Gyn physicians in my hometown in Michigan who made their feelings clear about me returning home and practice medicine alongside them. The evil, frustrated part of me wants to tell everyone in our small town about how I was treated but I know that won't actually make me feel any better.

The sad, honest truth is that Matt and I cannot return to the community that we cherish near the family that we love because 2 OB/Gyn's are not willing to work with me simply because I am a Family Physician.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, this is awful news. Are you sure there's nothing you can do? I can hardly believe it. Your mom & dad and everyone were so looking forward to having you at home.

The DeVries' said...

Oh, Sarah...this world makes no sense sometimes! :( I am SO sorry!!

nurseamy said...

Just got around to reading this. I'm very sorry. For what it's worth, it is their loss - because you are very good at what you do. Maybe you should just stick around Huntsville :) You know we love you! I realize it's so much more than that because it was your hometown. Keep your head up, friend.

Anonymous said...

Sarah no matter where you go you are going to be an blessing to that community and they will cheris you and in time I know that you will be able to return home! I am privledged to work with you in the OR this year! Luv ya! Nancy

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